Embrace transformational success with Lynda’s expertise

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Coaching Individuals & Mentoring Leaders

Professional nursing is the difference

Leadership Development

Embrace Leadership Consulting provides individualized support, coaching and solutions to aspiring leader mentees from an experienced, credible health care executive leader and role model.

  • One-on-one mentoring sessions
  • Personalized development plans
  • Embrace your potential and contact Lynda today!

    Embrace Leadership Consulting

    Health & Wellness

    Are you looking for a safe, sensible and rapid weight loss program designed just for you?

    Embrace Leadership Consulting is committed to supporting clients make lifestyle changes that result in a lifetime of health and wellness! Clients highly motivated for rapid weight loss results follow a safe and sensible individualized wellness plan.

    Regular follow up visits by a knowledgeable, experienced RN provide clients with the motivation, counseling, education and challenges necessary for reaching their self-determined goals.

    • Free Initial Health & Wellness Consultation
    • Regular supportive counseling by an RN
    • Real Food Meal Plans & Recipes
    • Let’s Go! In-home Pantry Review Visit
    • Let’s Go! Grocery Store Shopping Visit
    • Let’s Go! Restaurant Menu Visit
    • Self-Image Renewal Counseling
    • Holistic Approaches
    • Lower insurance premiums (based on employer/provider plans)

    Embrace the new healthier you and call Lynda today!

    Embrace Leadership Consulting

    Your Path to Success!

    Embrace transformational success with Lynda’s expertise


    Embrace Leadership Consulting

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