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Inter-professional Leadership Solutions

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Organizational Transformation

Embrace Leadership Consulting targets specific challenges in partnership with it’s clients for navigating the rapidly evolving industry demands for care delivery. Exceeding today’s health care reform challenges requires thoughtful leadership expertise as well as experience delivering innovative, research-based care delivery models.

Lynda’s extensive experiences in the executive nursing profession in combination with her knowledge and research in both ambulatory and post-acute care settings enables her to design your path toward successful positioning for the future.

Individualized client assessments are based on a systems thinking approach from an inter-professional context. Innovative solutions are applicable across the continuum of care settings.

Lynda’s executive nurse perspective offers designs integrating:

  • Integration of team-based, patient-centered and quality of care standards
  • Population Health accountability
  • Cost-effective, fiscally responsible strategies
  • Provider team satisfaction
  • Curriculum and training programs
  • Leadership development mentoring
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    Embrace Leadership Consulting

    Education Partnership

    Are you searching for a dynamic expert to focus on the learner audience and deliver both motivation and inspiration for new directions in health care?

    Lynda’s formal education and extensive leadership experience is well suited for providing professional instruction within academic and alternative learning settings on a wide range of topics:

    • Doctorate in Nursing Practice (Executive Leadership)
    • Certification in Executive Nursing Practice (American Organization Nurse Executives)
    • Masters in Nursing Science (Education: client, nurse and student)
    • Over 25 years of health care leadership experience
    • Innovative care delivery models
    • Population-based Practice
    • Hospice & Palliative Care

    Education partnership consultation services include:

  • Curriculum Review
  • Guest Speaking
  • Leadership Presentations
  • Program Development Advising
  • Student Mentoring
  • Inservice Training
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    Embrace Leadership Consulting

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    Embrace transformational success with Lynda’s expertise


    Embrace Leadership Consulting

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